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The why behind Capifly

Striving to become the premiere alternative financing provider for high-growth technology startups in the MENA region, our mission is to systematically unlock non-dilutive capital.

100% transparency: We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy. We act with integrity by honoring our commitments.

Ownership: We act as owners; we drive outcomes from start to finish and always take initiative to leave things better than we found them.

Change: We embrace change to drive growth. We challenge the status quo and adopt the better way.

Partnerships: Together we grow. We strive to understand and grow with our partners.

Core Values

The story

"Over the past few years, we've been closely observing the startup growth journey and how difficult it is to build and grow a company in our region given the complex fundraising environment.

Startups are unique and unlike conventional businesses. Their existence stems fromgrowing at the right pace, at the right time and, more often than not, their biggest limitation is running out of cash.

Given my background in finance and my passion for growth, I’m amazed by how founders of tech companies can become massive employers and substantial drivers ofeconomic growth.

Empowering those founders is key and I always thought “How can I help?”

Introducing, fast, Shari'ah compliant, non-dilutive growth capital will help technology companies maximize their growth while focusing on their product and operations.

At Capifly, we're on a mission to revolutionize alternative financing in emerging markets. We believe that entrepreneurs in our region deserve the same opportunities as those provided elsewhere around the world. With our innovative funding model, we aim to help startups achieve their full potential and become the next big success stories."

- Dunya

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